Tuesday, September 22, 2009

French Press & Coffee

Today is the first day of fall, and with the change of season, we have received a little gift called Under The Weather here at Deer Palace. Lacking the energy to write a sparkling new post today, I went looking in my archive for one from last year at this time. Turns out, I made a new one from it anyway...

My post last year was about having given up coffee, soda, and all other forms of caffeine. I had switched to decaf, and I think I was still sneaking having an occasional soda. I have been back to regular coffee for some time now, and have COMPLETELY been free of any soda/cola drinking since that post. And I just used the wonderful French Press again the other day, and it still yields a stellar cup of coffee!

Especially at the time of year when the mornings are more and more frigid, and it is nice to wrap my hands around a warm cup of goodness, I love coffee. I love the deep aroma and watching the steamy dark depths of java swirling with a beautiful ribbon of organic cream. I love the hint of sweet, raw honey that smoothes the bitter tang. I would drink it in a box, and I would drink it with a fox.

I want it fresh and HOT, and will never re-heat or suffer lukewarm or pale coffee. It should never resemble tea! Nothing beats a French Press for fresh, HOT, strong-flavored, full-bodied coffee. Second to that is my carafe coffee pot that brews quickly and keeps it warm for several hours.

Goodbye decaf...hello HAPPY cup of steaming choice Arabica!
I wish you all happy and rewarding coffee consumption...

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Deb G said...

While french press is good, I like my little Italian espresso pot that goes on the stove top. Yum!