Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I have mentioned that I have always been a bit of a Gypsy at heart, and though that is still true somewhat, I have found contentment at Deer Palace. When I used to go on trips, I never wanted to go home. I always imagined how it would be to just stay. To put down roots in whatever place, and never look back.

Now, I find for the first time in my life that I am restless to get home. I want to see my view of the mountain from my front deck. I want to sit in my porch swing and knit and feel the breeze. I want to smell the crisp morning air. I want to watch the deer and wild turkeys foraging on the bottom acre. I want to collect eggs and tend my garden.

Home is finally Sweet Home.
Even if it is not forever,
it is a good feeling.


Chef Eureka said...

Lovely little poem there :)

SLColman said...

It is an awesome feeling to finally feel at home!

peacefulacres said...

I couldn't of worded it better! For the first time I also feel at peace here at Peaceful Acres and it does finally feel like home sweet home.

Contentment is a good thing.