Monday, September 21, 2009

I love a bargain!

And I am thankful for more blessings received. This weekend was an annual fireman's benefit yard sale. It was also a weekend that we had been invited to a local church to see the Booher Brothers and participate in a chili cook-off. The two collide when we go looking for western wear at the yard sale.

I really did not think we would find cowboy boots at this sale, but in fact, there were about 7 pair. I picked up this pair for myself for 50 cents:They cleaned up rather well, don't you agree?. Then, I saw our neighbor who pointed me to a pair of man's boots I had already passed over. Mr. Nature does not usually wear cowboy boots (nor do I, for that matter) and wasn't even necessarily planning to play dress up for the shindig. But I checked the boots that were pointed out, and they were the right size.
My neighbor said they had belonged to her friend, and had cost $1,200.00 when purchased new. So I plucked them up and put them in my tote. And paid the perfectly reasonable sum of $1.00. Woohoo! They also cleaned up very nicely and fit Mr. Nature like they were custom made for him. He likes them so much that he might now even wear cowboy boots on occasion.
Today, I looked them up online because the maker and number are on the inside. They are made by Lucchese, and they are of ostrich. The black one in the above photo is the exact color and style of our boots. They are black on black cherry, and if you click the photo, you will be taken to where a new pair can currently be purchased. For $1,050.00. (I will save my thoughts on purchasing items made from exotic animal skins, other than to say I would never have purchased these new.)

So, we had a wonderful time at the western round-up and chili cook-off, and Mr. Nature has some quality new boots. We did not win the cook-off, but ours was the only vegetarian/vegan chili to be had, so at least we had something to eat there. Along with our jalapeno cornbread. To date, this is the best bargain I have ever had the opportunity to find.

And this one found me.


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Countrywindows said...

Funny what you can find at yard sales and such! I spent most of the day saturday,driving down one of our highways that goes across kansas and east and west. They were have garage sells all along the highway, and even in the country along the highway.I find things like frames that I can pass the savings on to my customers.