Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sharing Our Gifts Across America: 50 Projects for 50 States

PLEASE visit my Sharing Our Gifts blog (just click the logo) and join me in my Sharing Gifts Across America project. Today's blog post gives the details, and my goal is to have at least 20 participants for Project #1. The focus of the project is on the 50 states because, in this economy, we need to help each other at home. I am beginning in my state of Oregon (now! deadline is Oct. 25 for finished projects), and have already had ideas submitted for Alaska and New York. Do you live in another state and want to choose the charity for that state? Comment or email me.

Do you knit, crochet, or sew? Then jump in and make a hat or a pair of slippers for charity. If you do not, but you want to participate, you may purchase a handmade hat or slippers to donate, as long as it is from an individual artisan and you let me know where you purchased (so that person can be mentioned as the artisan).

Join Sharing Our Gifts on Twitter, Blog Catalog, Yahoo Groups, and Ravelry. If you tweet the project, add the hashtag #sharingourgifts to your posts. If you blog about this project, I will stumble all posts I know about. Just leave me a comment with your blog post link. Also, grab the project badge and share everywhere! Please stumble and share this post if you like...

Happy hats and slippers!

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Deb G said...

What a fun idea. For now I'm making things for our local yarn stores that collect and distribute to local organizations, but if I get ahead....