Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sock Hoppin' Success!!

I have knitted my very first ever SOCK! I chose to make a mini sock as my pilot project so I could achieve success faster...and so it would be easier to rip out if I made mistakes. My confidence is bolstered, so now I can make wearable socks, for me.Isn't is cute?? I used Cascade Yarns Fixation in color #2625. It is 98.3% cotton and 1.7% elastic. It is soft and stretchy and easy to work with. I think I have a right-side, wrong-side issue to work out, but it didn't much matter on this little project.

Oh, happy socks!



Deb G said...

Oh that's sweet! Congratulations.

redkathy said...

Oh so cute! Would make great gift too.

Allison of Dominant Hands said...

They'd be great knit in xmas colors for tree decorations!