Saturday, October 10, 2009


Golden Delicious Appleicious, to be more exact.

Who knows how to make apple butter? I am going to need about a gazillion recipes for preserving apples. Today, I collected apples from under the apple tree, and from the bottom-most branches that are so heavy they are touching the ground. Several branches are propped up with lumber.

I must have about 50 pounds or so, and I wasn't really even picking apples today. The goal today was just to clear some of the fallen fruit and prop up some more branches. The horses up the road will get their share of bruised and slightly wormy apples. (remember, I don't use pesticides) The church up the road will have some of the nicer ones to offer on Sunday. The neighbors will have some.
And there will still be enough to keep us apple-logged and busy with some kind of storage efforts for weeks to come. We have made a wonderful spiced apple tart and eaten many raw apple slices so far. These are so yummy and flavorful! We have a Gravenstein apple tree as well, but the fruit this year was far below par. We used a few, gave a few, saved a few, but nothing compared to this bumper crop of Golden Delicious.

Recipes? Suggestions?
Send them my way!



redkathy said...

I have never made apple butter but I do have the cooking light 2004 edition that this recipe came from. The book is excellent and this recipe has 5 stars. Hope this helps

Sinclair said...

Thanks! I'll have to take a look.

this morning, I just made a pot of simmered apples that we can eat as they are, or we can mash into applesauce. They were very good with just a little organic evaporated cane juice and cinnamon.

ecokaren said...

Golden Delicious sounds soooo great! Can you send some my way???
One thing we do with some fruits that we have excess of, like apples and bananas, is dehydrate them. It is a great way to "use" up all the fruits so that they don't go bad but also a great way to eat them as snack when we want junk food. :)

Sinclair said...

We will definitely be dehydrating some (or a lot, depending on how fast my little fingers can work). I have some dehydrated tomatoes, zucchini, and sweet potato from this season as well.

My grandmother used to dehydrate them, and then make fried pies with them through the winter. Yum!