Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Chicken & The Egg

Since we brought Ruby and Cordelia into the fold on Monday, we have been collecting 3 eggs daily (from 5 chickens). Cordelia was coming off a moult, so we do not expect any out of her until at least next week. Ruby has done her duty in the nest box and given us beautiful, creamy tinted eggs.Olive & Daisy, however, seem to be the ones who prefer we hunt for their offerings. Yesterday, we watched Olive find her hiding spot, and Mr. Nature waited around until the egg was produced. Yay! If she goes to the same spot again, it will be so much easier! Daisy is much more secretive, and we have yet to find her outdoor spot. Sometimes she will lay in the box, but it must depend on her mood. Hmmmph.

Considering building them a run in which they will have to stay until the day's eggs are laid...
then free play on the larger range...



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Deb G said...

Love the bottom picture.