Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear people who are ill,

Please refrain from taking your sick germs out in public where they may afflict others. This means do not go to church where you will sit behind others and cough and sneeze on them for two hours. Do not take your sick children to church where they will wipe their noses on their hands and then share those germs with everything they touch in the nursery. Just watch a televised sermon if you must.

Do not go to the grocery store where you will pass people who are well and who do not want to ingest your sick germs. Do not go to work where you force other captives of the employ to share your cough and sneeze germ cloud. If you are feeling under the weather, DO take your temperature and make sure it is 98.6 before you leave the house. If it is elevated, please see the above plea.

If you are starving because your cupboards are bare, order online from a supermarket delivery service - or send someone who is well. Preferably someone who is well and is NOT incubating whatever it is you have. If you are out of milk, just drink water. It is better for a phlegm problem anyway.

In short, there are some potentially dangerous sick bugs circulating, and we do not want them. The well people want to stay well. I know I advocate sharing, but in this instance, Resist The Urge.

Get well soon,



ecokaren said...

This is so timely as my daughter is sick and she's home. Thank God she has no school tomorrow.

I was about to write about taking care of yourself for my blog post tomorrow too.

I think a lot of people are sick these days - change of weather and people being stressed don't help.

Dina said...


ChickiePea said...

**applause!!** Obviously, with a severely immune-challenged daughter, I wholeheartedly agree and commend you on this. I think it deserves a re-post in fact! :) Enjoying catching up on your blog... it's been too long!