Saturday, October 17, 2009

the Mailbox Bandits strike again!

Just when you are settling into a feeling of disconnected safety and contentment on your Little House on the Prairie homestead, someone comes along to remind you that barbarians are not as far away as you'd hoped. Having said that, I will also say that I NEVER mail anything from my box. I am not oblivious to identity theft and mail vandalism and the like...I just don't understand it.

I will never understand the mentality that causes some people to do bad things to other people or property. It is low and ugly and base. It contributes nothing to society, and demoralizes innocent people. I don't care what background one comes from; if one has not been locked away in a dungeon or raised under a rock, one knows the difference between right and wrong. Even if one has no spiritual convictions whatsoever, one still knows the difference between legal right and wrong.

Beauty, faith, sharing, loving, trusting, caring, and giving are what life should be all about.
Why do people have to inflict ugliness on others? People are diverse, and have many differing ideas and opinions, but we should be able to share and express these differences in positive ways.

The economy is bad. Vandalism and other crimes appear to be universally on the rise. Increasing drug problems plague many cities and counties. My emotional response to all of this is sadness and anger and indignance. I wish I could just fix it - for everybody. I wish I could explain to people that drugs and violence are not the answer. I wish that troubled people could find contentment and joy, and a calling to help others and spread beauty and caring.

Our box was not one of those knocked off its perch, but Mr. Nature and I were the ones to set all of them back to their rightful positions. I do hope they stay that way.

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday
full of abundance and contentment.




Deb G said...

Mailboxes do tend to be a popular target in rural areas. It is frustrating and sad. I could write a very long comment as to why I think it happens, I'll just say that I think there is a disconnect in some people, I think that our society is very ill...

All the best.

Paula said...

It really is sad and I commend you and Mr. Nature for helping out your neighbors by setting their boxes to right again. Mailboxes are always a target but there seems to be a whole rash of this going on right now. I grew up with a rural mailbox, both sending out and receiving mail. One of my favorite sites is a row of rural mailboxes like yours. Reminds me of my childhood, but makes me heartsick that you can't even use them now.
Hope you have a better day.
I'm putting a hat in the mail to you today for the Veteran's Home.

Sinclair said...

Thank you for your comments, and thank you Paula for the hat donation...I will be looking for it at the post office.

Splendid Little Stars said...