Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Gift fromPumpkins

My plan for today was to share with you my little corner of Wild Kingdom, and another little gift from Striper, Striper the Wondercat. As was discussed on another blog recently, I am one of those camera crazy bloggers who always wants to capture every possible moment in still frame.

So, I captured the latest "gift" left near my front door by the cat yesterday morning. But today I find that it so grosses me out to look at the photos - I just can't share them with you. Even on Halloween. Mr. Nature agrees. Maybe next year.So, I share with you my recent fresh pumpkin soup instead. MMMMMM, was it yummy!

Last week, I made WONDERFUL pumpkin pie...and pumpkin soup. I boiled the fresh pumpkin first, then had the cooked pumpkin to use for recipes. I roasted the seeds with salt.

Here are the recipes I used:
for the pie, I used my blender to smooth the cooked pumpkin, and followed the recipe.

However, I don't like processed sweetened condensed milk, so I used this recipe to substitute for it:,183,151170-244199,00.html

This pie didn't even last 48 hours in our house. I made my own butter crust with this recipe:

The pie recipe will actually make two standard 9-inch pies, so make two crusts.
I am making another batch today.

Have a safe and yummy All Hallow's Eve




Splendid Little Stars said...

YUM! Can I come over?!
My son and I made pumpkin bread yesterday. We used half rye flour and added cointreau soaked cranberries. It was so good!

SLColman said...

Looks yummy - Too bad I am allergic!!