Monday, October 12, 2009

Spinning and the Alpaca Show

We went to the Alpaca Mania show yesterday, and I have to tell you, I would love to lie down in a huge pile of alpaca fleece and just nap and knit and spin and nap. I have visited with alpacas before, but never held a conversation with one. This one and I had a little humming convo and a bonding moment.Amilia had a little chat with some of them also. Turns out, we speak alpaca to each other all the time and didn't even know it! (For those of you who are lost, alpacas make a sort of sing-song humming noise that is between a bleat and a whine in the throat.)

Happily, we caressed fleece and hummed to the alpacas as we wandered through row after row of these soft, fuzzy creatures. We saw needle felted marvels, hats, scarves, cowls, and roving. I had a spinning lesson and spun my first yarn from alpaca roving. I think it is a stretch to really call it yarn. What I spun was a teeny tiny skein of twists, tufts, and lumps. But I get the hang of HOW it works. So, I learned that I do not want a double treadle and that I am ready to begin to learn spinning. Yay! Now, if I just had a spinning wheel...
And, as aforementioned, we are always looking to spy dog breeds that we have never before seen. At the alpaca show, we added the Komondor to our list of those seen in person. Really cool. However, I will say that I do not want to own this breed anytime soon. I have now also learned from experience that when they have a messy elimination, their dreadlocks on the back end wear it around. Ick!

On that note,
I bid you a lovely Monday.




Nancy said...

You crack me up! You had to wish us a happy Monday after that *doggie doo* comment! I must admit I've never heard of nor have I seen a Komondor.

Sinclair said...

Well, you know, I just had to share all the important information. In case you were thinking of owning such a dog, and maybe hadn't thought of that! :)