Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcoming the Season

Autumn continues to unfurl her color
and let down her leaves.
Like the braid of Rapunzel,
they fall to the ground,
beckoning us to crawl
into the tower of winter's hibernation.

The change has come.
Squirrels chatter and chase each other
in their frantic
efforts to complete the task
of storing food.

The sunlight is weaker, and the air bites cold.
It is a more sudden change
in this part of the world
than where I grew up.
I enjoy the sharp division
between seasons,
and have succumbed to the urge
to make warm beverages and soups
and bake cookies.

The girls are squawking in the coop,
which I hope means eggs.
Lately, they've been off on production.
They have also taken to laying in the
ground cover near the coop
instead of in the nest boxes,
making every day an Easter Egg Hunt.

It is a time of thoughtful reflection and
wrapping up the loose ends
of summer.
Even as I miss the warm bountiful days
of my garden,
I am ready to cycle through
the dormant season
and emerge
reinvigorated in the spring.

Now, my blog turns from the garden
to the craft room
and kitchen
as the handmade holidays approach...


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