Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Word Wednesday: Brigand

I was reading the writings of a friend of ours recently, and came across a word I knew not. Since the holiday of mischief is upon us, I thought it appropriate to share with you all. The word is:

The way I saw it used was thus: "I commited not brigandage." What a great sentence! I have committed not brigandage as well, so I am in good company.

So, what to do with this word I am sharing today? Well, I am not a pirate or a plunderer, though a friend of mine dipped a toe into piracy and made the cutest lady pirate costume this week. Her adorable infant daughter is her trusty parrot of feather boas...maybe I will have to ask what brigandage they have been about?

Meanwhile, there are some good folks on Etsy whose knowledge of this word predated my own, and they have listings up that you might wish to peruse.


If you are a brigand, or know one, I wish you a fun-filled mischief holiday and a quick recovery from brigandage.

Aaaarrrrr, matey...

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Splendid Little Stars said...

perfect word for the season! I suspect soon there will be many a goblin and witch about, committing brigandage.

Her Divaness said...

Hahahaha well that was *most* certainly a novel way in which to explain the meaning of a word. Kudos to the scribe :)

And thank you SO very much for showcasing my interpretation of an Italian bandit's daughter, Fiorella. I really appreciate it.

Much love,