Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blogs I like & Places to Visit

Blogs from My Blogroll that I want to keep access to, but my sidebar needs to contract a little! So, this post will be their home for now...

Art and Inspiration:

Bee Creative
Christina Katz
Clay It Again
CJane Enjoy It
Cut Out and Keep
Design Sponge
Diana's Photography
DIY kids
During Quiet Time
Etsy Mom
French Word-A-Day
From Huskies to Husbands
Girl Industries
I just want to knit
Island of Misfit Patterns

Lenox Knits

Natty Knitter's Blog
Needle 'N Thread
NieNie Dialogues
None of your Beeswax

One Pretty Thing
Playful Learning

Sarah Jane Studios
Splendid Little Stars

The Mare's Tales

Trailing Yarn

Wendy Knits

What The Craft

Charity Blogs/Sites:

Craft Hope

Etsy Sellers/Shops:

Gardening and Homesteading:

Backyard Chickens
Bee House Hives
Everyday Adventurer (The)
Fast Grown the Weeds
Fowl Visions
Hometown Seeds Survival Pack
Homesteading Bloggers Ring Surf
Jarvis House
Le Coop du Jour
My Pet Chicken
Nichols Garden Nursery
(not so) Urban Hennery
Official Poultry Bookstore (The)
Patio Farmers Guild
Reduce Footprints
Smallholder's Diary
Up The Garden Path
Urban Chickens

Food and Food "Renegade" Blogs:
Cannelle et Vanille
Cheese Slave
Civil Eats
Edible Aria
Garlic Breath
Local Harvest
Make it From Scratch
Say No to GMOs
Sustainable Eats
The Julie/Julia Project
(The) Slow Cook

Miscellaneous Blogs:

Blog Friendly PR

Work From Home:

Freelance Writing Gigs

Web Commuting Jobs
Work at Home Mom Revolution
Work From Home Mother (The)



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