Monday, November 23, 2009

Gift Guide, Part 2

Monday, already???
I had planned to have this all ready to go early this a.m.
but Monday snuck (do you say sneaked?) up on me!

On with Slippers and hand warmers. We begin with a cute pair of handmade crochet mary jane slippers from brokenhallelujah on Etsy. How did I find them? From her Twitter tweet!(bhallelujah)
If you are interested in supporting those like me who are into upcycling, try these Winter Berries re-slippers made with upcycled yarn from OffTheHooks. They used to be a sweater!And, the list wouldn't be complete without an item from one of my favorite slipper suppliers, Pawfelts.etsy. This pair is for the man in your life:Now that your feet are warm, what about those forepaws? I am a fan of the fingerless hand and arm warmers because full gloves leave you mostly useless. However, I have found an interesting fix from BugEater on that combines functionality with warmth and partially exposed fingers. The partial exposure Mens Knitted Gloves:For some time now, I have held these Coco Bean Fingerless Gloves from LeArmoire.etsy in my favorites drawer. Now, I can recommend them to you for your favorites shopping list:If you are a do-it-yourselfer and you know a little one who needs comfy, warm mittens, you might want to try this mittens pattern from Mamachee.etsy:And, how could we leave out our furry friends? I could not resist sharing with you this enchanting little doggy neck warmer from Little Bits of Whimsy on
Well, my work here is done for the week.
I wanted to share something from 1000Markets with you as well,
but this week just didn't find one I couldn't live without.

So, Etsy and Artfire take the prize.
Happy Handmade shopping!




OffTheHooks said...

wow some great finds here!
thank you so much for including my re-slippers!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Great finds - and perfect for the season ahead!

Rumpleteazer said...

Some great cozy things here for the winter season.

I have awarded you the Best Blog Award. If you want to find out more you can visit this post here.

Splendid Little Stars said...

great finds! I love the doggy neck warmer!