Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Memories

Remembering the beauty of Copenhagen and our trip to Tivoli Gardens with our very dear Danish friend as our guide. Tivoli is the predecessor of Disneyland. It is the place from which Walt Disney got his idea for the now-called Happiest Place on Earth. Tivoli is everything Disneyland would aspire to be, if Disneyland could get back to its enchanted roots. It is a mix of old world charm and modern advance. We enjoyed stage plays at the Pantomime Theatre, kiddie rides, wonderful vintage games of chance, and all manner of food and drink.My favorite ride was The Odin Express. It went just fast enough to be exhilarating, but not so much that I felt I could fly out and be killed. We rode at least 6 times, but did learn after the first go that seating order mattered. The force on some of the turns would push the outside person into the inside person, and I did not want to be that inside person after ride 1 when Mr. Nature was smashed against me around the curves. The seat was a bench seat with just a bar over the lap(s) for safety. I am considerably smaller, so was easily tossed back and forth.(this [above] is the swing ride, not the Odin Express. We did not ride the swing ride)
We were amazed on the kiddie rides that there were no safety belts. The children could just get off the car while it was moving if they so chose. Luckily nobody did, presumably because they had good sense, but it was a sharp contrast to the rigors of safety in the amusement parks of the litigious U.S.After a long day of walking and riding and seeing and smelling, the kids were tired and it was time to rest our bones. We found a lovely little resting spot at the Biergarten restaurang and shared some rye bread sandwiches and beer.

After we refueled, we were ready for the twilight boat ride on the dragon boats. Later came the evening laser light show, and the costume and light parade that rivaled anything I have seen elsewhere. The events have now faded from Amilia's memory, but one day they will be renewed.

I eagerly await that day when Copenhagen
and I
shall meet again.


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