Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Current Favorite Books

On a recent trip to the library, we picked out several books. I LOVE LOVE LOVE books. I get carried away when looking at books, and own far more of these than I have room to accommodate. I chose a few for Amilia that looked promising, and home we went.

I had chosen Woolbur by Leslie Helakoski. I had also chosen Big Chickens -- without even noticing that it was by the SAME AUTHOR. Oh what a delight these little gems of word meets illustration have been!

Woolbur has a problem. He is not like the others. He refuses to conform. He wants to do it his way. He is, alas, an iconoclast. He cards his own wool while it is still on his body. He weaves his forelock. He rides on the spinning wheel. His parents are shattered and bewildered by his flippant rebellion. All Woolbur can say is, "I know, isn't it great?"I am here to say it IS great. Woolbur has stolen my heart, and he is just like me. Sort of. He does things his own way - even if others think he is strange. I applaud his grit. In the end, he gets all the lambs to walk to the beat of his drum, and yet, he is still a stand out.
If you have children, or if you love fiber arts, this book is for you. The whimsical illustrations by Lee Harper have taken afternoon tea in the Happiness Hall of my brain, and have been invited to stay. We have read the book several times, have checked it out for a second run from the library, and recommend it highly.

Don't walk - RUN - to
your library or bookstore
and check it out!

*this is in no way a sponsored post.
I did not receive a copy of this book
to review. I found it purely by accident
at my local library.



Deb G said...

I'll have to find this one. Makes me sad that we have to think about a disclaimer for recommending a book...

Rumpleteazer said...

So many books, so little time!