Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Word Wednesday: Industrious

I was going to use the word Ambition today, but it had a negative connotation in that the word ambition seems to go hand in hand with a desire for praise or recognition. As such, it really did not fit the idea I wanted to convey, which was to sometimes take on more than is feasible.

So I chose INDUSTRIOUS instead.
Main Entry: in·dus·tri·ous
Industrious is what I have been lately. Between keeping three blogs, running an Etsy team, working on my charity project (Sharing Our Gifts), creating items for the Craft Hope charity projects, looking for full time employment, furthering my homesteading knowledge by reading, storing food, and cooking from scratch, I am always active or occupied.

I like being busy and occupied. I like creating items for charity. I like furthering my homesteading knowledge. I love eating food made from scratch, the way my grandparents ate. The cooking and time in the kitchen? No like it so much. But I am lucky blessed to have a spouse who enjoys cooking and is willing to share time (by share time, I mean spend more of it than I do) in the kitchen.

Sometimes, the word Procrastinate creeps in (though I think characterizing as INTENTIONALLY and HABITUALLY are a little strong), and I spend more time blog hopping than I should. I lay down the quilt I am making until it is almost the deadline and I have a severe lack of time in which to finish properly (which is what brought me to today's word). I get tired in the evening and watch too many movies and television shows. To be fair, however, I never sit down anymore without some knitting in my hands.

Sometimes I bite off more Industrious than I can chew. In the past, I would have said that I do that because I am ambitious. But now I know that is not exactly the right word usage for me. So now I will say it is because I am Optimistic. Optimistic that, of course, I can do all that! And meet all deadlines.

In the end, I think
Industrious and Optimistic
are good things to be,
even if they are
occasionally sprinkled
with procrastination...

As long as they emerge
the clear winners
at the finish line.



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Deb G said...

I like the word optimistic. I think it's a great way to approach the world.