Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Word Wednesday: Lugubrious

I was pondering upon what word I would share with you this week, and I heard "lugubrious" whispered in that space between my ears. Hmmm. Fitting, since I have had an extremely lugubrious 6 days now.

From our friends at Merriam Webster:
Root canal, remember? It hasn't happened yet. I am still living with it because nobody could get me in before Thursday. Ah, Thursday, when the deed will be accomplished for a mere $1,146.00 cash. Not including the eventual crown.

Gone are the days when one could trade a humble chicken or two in order to receive competent health care from a doctor or dentist who knew your name. How many chickens would I have to part with now?

In Mexico, I could part with about $300.00, and that would include the crown. Did you know some people take Mexican Dental Vacations?

But, alas, lugubrious I remain
with no Mexican Dental vacation
in sight...

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Deb G said...

I know someone who has all his dental work done in Thailand. It's an expensive plane ticket but since he's there anyway he has the dental work done. Much cheaper.

Love the word "lugubrious." It's nice and heavy sounding which fits it's definition.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

Dear Sinclair, believe it or not I had a root canal on October 20th! It cost $995 without the eventual crown. I had already spent $154 a few weeks before on a temporary filling and drilling. I do have dental insurance, but it really doesn't cover the entire thing. My tooth feels fine and I did not have any pain when it was done. Is this a sign of getting old? Our childhood fillings weakened our teeth, and now we are paying the price for chewing gum and eating candy. It will turn out ok.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Here's hoping you are soon lugubrious no longer!