Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Word Wednesday: Ramiform

Today I used my 1942 hardback Roget's Thesaurus of the English Language in Dictionary Form to select the word I would share. It is how I used to choose my words at work: I would randomly open the dictionary to a page, and choose from among those offerings.

Today, I opened to page 398 which went from Queen to Rank. I chose Ramiform because I had never heard it, and also because Merriam Webster online does not even contain this word. All of my Word Wednesday links thus far have been to Merriam Webster. It is my online dictionary of choice. But, alas, it knows not this word.

So, I give it to you from

  /ˈræməˌfɔrm/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ram-uh-fawrm] Show IPA
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1. having the form of a branch; branchlike.
2. branched.
1815–25; <>rāmus, branch; see ramus + -form.]

Synonyms from Roget's: branched, ramose, dendriform, tree-shaped.

Use it in a sentence, you ask?

1. Her ramiform drawing evoked wistful thoughts of bare winter.

2. The meandering creek took a ramiform course through the countryside.

Use it three times and it's yours, they say.
I have my work cut out to make this a fluid
member of my vocabulary.

page 400 has rankle;I will have to remember to use that one someday...


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Splendid Little Stars said...

I know this word in a scientific context, ramus being a branch. examples--nerves, plants, blood vessels. It IS a fun word. I will have to think of uses for it in daily speech.
Her ramiform thoughts caused much confusion.