Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Betwixt and Between

Yesterday was the anniversary of the day I met Mr. Nature. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day we were married. Those events did not occur in the same year. It was not a Vegas celebrity wedding, sheesh! Now that we have that cleared up,

I confess that I have nothing to give him for a gift this year. I meant to have it, but the days have slipped by such that I am unprepared. We usually stick to the traditional gift for the appropriate year. But I am still knitting Christmas gifts that weren't ready in time. I am swamped with a lineup of charity knitting projects that must be completed.

My consolation is that I am certain he has nothing yet to give me either. But we do not have to give tangible gifts to one another in order to celebrate the years we have spent together, or the wonder of our meeting in the first place. We don't need goods. We just need a segment of time to give each other some undivided attention and a walk down memory lane.

With the dusting of snow and the lot of rain
and our distance from town, the ability to give
that would be a worthy gift unto itself.




Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm sorry you are still knitting, so am I! But as long as my hand holds out, I'll keep on knitting while TV watching.

Pricilla said...

Happy Anniversary. Enjoy the day.