Monday, December 21, 2009

Doin' Jeff Foxworthy Proud

I could not resist sharing this slice of subpar advance planning with you. At the end of the summer when we were putting all things in for the coming cold and covering things for the winter, we applied a tarp to the top of the spa. The spa cover is aging and is beginning to crack from the years of weather, so we needed to give it a little extra waterproofing.

The tarp was not long enough to tie down and cinch around the spa, so we decided to weight the four corners. With one gallon glass jars full of water. Brilliant! Not so aesthetically pleasing, but it got the job done.

Until we had that cold snap recently with 4 nights of 10 degrees. And a few other days in the high teens and low twenties. Oh, yes, you have already guessed it and are having a good laugh right now, aren't you? The water froze. The jugs broke. Now shards of glass are left hanging from the four corners of my spa. And cleanup on aisle west deck is in order.Why do I share? Because maybe somewhere out there somebody else lacks the same forethought as myself. And I can spare you the catastrophe. That, and I just found it funny.

Where's my sign?



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ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

LOL, I was thinking of a high wind and the glass bottles not being able to hold it down...What a dunce I am! sitting here in Minus temps and not being able to connect the dots...didn't even occur to me that it would freeze and break