Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finding Joy This Season

(photo by Cheryl Evans)
Do you know Stephanie Nielson of the NieNieDialogues?

Like so many, I know her from Etsy and the silhouettes she used to create.The word is that she is creating them again as she is able. Email stephanienielson@yahoo.com.

I know her from her blog, NieNieDialogues.
I know her most especially from her plane crash, on August 16, 2008, to now.

Recently, she was on Oprah and on The Today Show.

Most recently, Jaimee Rose has written a very thorough and heartwrenching account
of Stephanie and Christian's journey from just before the plane crash and through
the long, dark days following. It is a journey of pain, despair, hope, faith,
amazing fortitude and a firm resolve to live.

Read the story on azcentral.com. If you were having any trouble looking past whatever
hardships you have in your own life, or if your list of thankfulness was too short, or if
you had lost faith or thought things could not get worse, read the story. Read it ALL.
Make sure you have Kleenex with you.

Stephanie will renew your spirit, your resolve, your faith, and your well of thankfulness.



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Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

Thanks for pointing me to Stephane's story. It is indeed inspiring.