Monday, December 28, 2009

It's a Wrap!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday, and if you don't celebrate, I still hope you had a wonderful few days. I wrapped all but two of my gifts in furoshiki and I really liked the way it looked under the tree. The one complaint I heard? It doesn't rustle when you are opening, and you can't excitedly tear into it the way you can with paper wrapped gifts. Hmmmm.

Still, I think I will make it a tradition, and next year, I will have fabric specifically cut and finished for the occasion. I have several pieces now that are ready for assignment when needed. I will wrap birthday gifts this way as well from now on, provided that the shape and size of the gifts permit.

For the pink one on the right (below), I wrapped a more traditional way with the cloth, and used colorful selvage edging as "ribbon." I liked the result. The ribbon did not have to be untied, but only slipped off both ends. Did you know there are whole quilts made with selvage edges?
For this one, I did use a satin ribbon to tie on a gift tag and a panda finger puppet. This one housed a simple, classic, Made in U.S.A. metal slinky. I was able to use a small piece of Bob the Builder fabric I had in my stash box, and it sent out a bright and playful call to Amilia to "open me on Christmas Eve!"
Now, it's a wrap. Time to look toward the new year -
and resolutions?

I generally do not make resolutions, but I think I may
put some into play this year.

Prepare more furoshiki wrap!


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