Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Skippyjon Jones, Lost in Spice!

Have you heard of this little kitty boy who really is a Siamese kitten, but thinks he is a Chihuahua? Well, he really WANTS to be a Chihuahua...his alter ego, Skippito, is a weeckid Chihuahua!

We first ran across Skippyjon as a board book when Amilia was a toddler. She and I both instantly fell in love with this little figure, and we were amazingly daft about his species for quite some time. He looks like a cat, but in the board books, he looks in the mirror and sees a dog. So, we thought he was just a cat-looking chihuahua.

Enter the actual Skippyjon Jones STORYbooks, and we learn that he is, in fact, a cat. Who thinks he is a dog. Because his ears are too big for his head. And he thinks chihuahuas are fiercely cool. We learned this from the book "Lost in Spice" which we recently borrowed from the library. It came with an audio CD, and I MOST HIGHLY recommend it! And wonder of wonders, Mr. Nature found a little snippet of the adventure here on YouTube!

Even if you don't have kids. Or if you have grand kids. Or nieces or nephews. Or cats or dogs or plants who like you to read to them. This book is wildly fun and charming and peppy. We love it.

So much that we had to purchase a copy for ourselves, er, Amilia. Shhhhh! don't tell!

It's a secret for Christmas morning. One of very few breaks from handmade this year. But books are always okay, because the funds support the authors who crafted the story. Which ensures that they can give us another story in the future.

Enjoy! And tell me how you feel about Skippyjon...

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Deb G said...

The Skippyjon Jones books are a lot of fun. I've almost bought some just for myself a couple times. :)