Thursday, December 10, 2009

What has me annoyed?

1. That Cascade Farms changed the formula on their Purely O's and did not disclaim it on the box. We bought TWO boxes, only to realize when we got home that something was amiss. They removed the barley and added molasses, tapioca syrup, and sugar. Which added 2 GRAMS OF SUGAR perserving. And changed the color and texture. Amilia won't eat them, and I don't blame her. They went from 5 simple, wholesome ingredients to 9 ingredients of superfluous sweetness.

When I called to lodge my complaint, the customer service rep was very pleasant, and is sending me a refund.

2. That it has been 10 degrees overnight the last three nights and my poor water pump is freezing and refusing to supply the house with more than a trickle of water. We have added more burlap and straw in the pumphouse, so keep your fingers crossed!

However, I am still counting my many blessings
and finding thankfulness in many places
and having happy holidays with
my family.

I hope you are having happy holidays as well.



Deb G said...

We haven't been above freezing for almost a week now. Crazy chickens are still laying eggs!

The Accessory Lady said...

It really bothers me when companies do that. As the saying goes: "If it ain't broke..." And the lack of disclosure is not acceptable especially in this day in age when so many people have allergies. I'm glad it worked out though and that you are getting your refund. Hopefully you can find a good replacement. Have a wonderful day!