Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Change The World Wednesday

I have not shared a Change The World Wednesday with you in some time, but I like the one that begins today, so I am forgoing Word Wednesday this week to...Change the World.

The challenge, as it comes from Reduce Footprints:
This week, "plan an oven- and stove-free day, and no cheating and going out to eat! Have sandwiches, cut up fruit, veggies with dip, leftovers from a previous dinner that you can heat in the microwave**. Plan ahead and make a pasta salad you can eat cold for a few days. Have hummus, feta cheese, and spinach on a pita or wrap. There are tons of healthy, delicious meals you can have without having to turn on the stove! As an added plus, many of the meals are quick and easy to prepare!" **I'd like to bump up What A Card's challenge ... how about including microwave-free, as well.

As for me, I have not used a microwave in about 7 years, and I agree with omitting any microwaving as well. I personally believe them to be hazardous to our health, but if you are a user, give it up on the challenge day.

I think I am going to try to make Saturday my day for this challenge. I'll share how it goes!



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Green Gal said...

I'm looking forward to this challenge and I will also be going without the microwave on my no-cook day. I agree it seems like there could be some health risks related to the microwave... I use it when I must, but tend to default to the stove or oven when heating something.