Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Cookie-go-Lucky

Dear Cookie:

For your sake, I am sorry that you have met your demise. However, if you remember, I warned you. I told you that you were only for a small fraction of folk, and that, especially in this downturned economy, you were in danger of extinction. For my sake, I am less than thrilled that you replaced the remainder of my subscription with a substitute magazine called Lucky. Lucky me!

Dear Lucky:
If I were still purchasing all the wares that the commercial retail market has to offer, you might almost be the magazine for me. Where Cookie was for someone so NOT me with its offerings of $300.00 blazers for my four-year-old and $50.00 hair bows for my toddler and all manner of decadence, you appear on the surface to offer something closer to functional simplicity. However, upon closer inspection, you also mostly offer the same ridiculously priced decadence that Cookie tried to peddle.

In short, no fashion magazine is going to be right for me these days. I am not a slave to fashion or consumerism, and am much more concerned with the state of our economy and the people with no food, shelter, or employment to care about reading magazines that do not teach something useful. So, you can also keep your monthly periodical to yourself.

Maybe you could send me Organic Gardening, Backwoods Home, Wilderness Way, Clotilde, and Knit1 instead.



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Hi Sinclair,

I have an award waiting for you on my blog