Thursday, January 7, 2010

Food Friday is almost here!

Food politics and food safety issues are very important to me. This topic is one of the reasons I began this blog, and a reason that I called it Nature With Me. In addition to gardening efforts, exploring homesteading techniques, and walking a journey toward self-sufficiency as much as we possibly could, it was to be about food.

Food encompasses much of every day for humans. We have to eat. Typically, 3 or more times per day. It is one of the most basic of our needs. Next to breathing, of course. My blog has been somewhat lax about providing more than personal content in recent months. However exciting I would love to think my life and thoughts might be, I am certain that you would prefer some solid content here as well. Otherwise, no need to stop by, right?

So, I am going to make an attempt to correct this in 2010 and to give you some content along the lines of my original format goals. To this end, I will be working on Food Friday posts beginning tomorrow. They may be called Food Renegade Friday or something of that sort, but they will be squarely about food.

I am going to further explore food issues, food safety, Food dangers, food politics, my food beliefs, tips, recipes and information. I will discuss my opinions about the failing of the FDA to keep consumer safety at the forefront, and that we need to take back control of our food on local levels.

We need to assert our food rights and become accountable for our food obligations. I believe we have an obligation to KNOW what we put into our bodies. To be informed about what a particular ingredient is, and to be able to make informed choices based on this information.

We cannot begin too soon! So, tomorrow begins Food Friday, and each week on Friday, the post will be in some way about food.
see you then!



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Splendid Little Stars said...

an extremely important topic. I will look forward to your posts.