Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

(image thanks to Dover Samplers)

I usually do not make resolutions for the new year for the same reason I usually try to avoid promising my children that any particular thing WILL happen, or will happen at any particular time. Life is uncertain. Life hands you unexpected occurrences and circumstances. I do not want to make promises that I cannot keep.

Incidentally, upon examination of my life over the years, I find that this is precisely why I usually like to have my coffee in a take away cup at the coffee shop. One never knows how long one is going to stay, or when one might need to change course and follow another plan.

However, this year, I do have a few goals and thoughts about what I would like to accomplish. It is a list-in-progress, but I will share what I have so far.

  1. Define and embark upon a successful career path. AKA: again become gainfully employed. I am focusing on becoming a Giving Coordinator for nonprofit or academic institutions.
  2. Write 10 successful grants (volunteering).
  3. Continue to run my Sharing Our Gifts Across America project, and expand its visibility so we can donate more items and spread more help and hope.
  4. Give Sharing Our Gifts a proper and more professional logo.
  5. Continue to effectively run the Hoarders Unite Etsy team, and expand membership and participation so members will have more shop visibility.
  6. Write at least three articles monthly for publication (other than on my own blogs).
  7. Stay abreast of food politics issues so I may continue to educate myself and inform others.
  8. Finish creating a home studio for podcasting and voiceovers.
  9. Become more knowledgeable in WordPress and in web design.
  10. Continue my current daily exercise routines.
These goals are modest in some ways and very cumbersome in other ways. It is easy to put 10 little bullet points on paper and fail to realize the consumption of time they actually represent. My choice is to look at them as a mission statement for the year.

They are the blueprint for building my year in the way I wish it to fit together. They represent the way in which I ought to spend all free time. They require some structure and organization on my part. I will not see failure to reach all goals as failure. I will see it as an opportunity to adjust and create my blueprint for the next year.

So, onward I go. I wish you all
a happy and successful 2010.




Nancy said...

Sinclair, you astound me! I'm thinking you are way younger than I, as these goals of yours are probably akin to some of mine in the past. And, since I have had a major life change, similar goals to yours are not feasible for me any longer. My goals are smaller, less global. I like that you will not consider failure but instead turn it around and make it a challenge to accomplish. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Splendid Little Stars said...

very impressive! wishing you much, much success!