Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have you been to MochimochiLand?

Recently, I ran across a free pattern for small knitted hearts at MochimochiLand. My idea was to knit them to donate to the Craft Hope for Haiti Etsy shop, so I emailed the pattern designer for permission. She graciously gave permission for me to use her free pattern(s) in connection with charity donations [with proper credits, of course].Sadly, Craft Hope's shop stopped taking donations for a time, as of January 20, and I was not fast enough. I may still be able to donate to the HeartsForHaiti charity Etsy shop, however. All their proceeds also go to Doctors Without Borders and their relief efforts in Haiti.

So, I wanted to share MochimochiLand with you. I thought you might like the blog where you can see a tiny dino, tiny corn, and a tiny tube of toothpaste. Or the shop where you can purchase patterns for many more adorable toys and stuffies. Like this super cool [and slightly macabre] snake and mouse (pattern available for $5.00):
Or, the free patterns area where you will find several really fun patterns to tempt you to your needles. I have mastered the hearts, and now will attempt the snail family. I just might have to take on the snake and mouse soon as well.
Happy Saturday!


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Lenox Knits said...

How adorable! I've beentempted to try some amiguri knitting but I'm not crazy about short row knitting. These look like they could be fun though. I've been shopping most at Hearts for Haiti. Crafthope hasn't updated quite as often recently.