Friday, January 15, 2010

House, Hearth, Home

I have a secret! But it will not be revealed for a couple of weeks. I have been asked to review an item that I am super excited to review. With spring arriving in 64 days, it is the time of year that I begin to itch with impatience for planting, gardening, and all manner of outdoor enjoyment.

I have begun to sort through seed packets and catalogs and gardening books. I have begun to mentally assemble my assortment of pruning shears and hedge trimmers. I have been thinking about fixing the bridge that we neglected to fix last summer. I have been planning an expansion to the chicken coop. We have talked with the neighbors about placing new posts for the row of mailboxes.

I have been thinking about sprucing up my entrance gate with some nicer house numbers. And, every day, I have been wondering what I might do with a particular item to breathe into it some new life. Enter the promo team with an email that says "Hey, would you like to review one of those?" How did they know I was in the market for finding just that item?

If you are intrigued, follow the link above and
see if you can guess what item I might be trying out!

Food Friday is not here on my post this week.
Instead, I share with you a couple of links of
interest regarding food issues:
Natural News
Arrested For Chocolate
Detained for Honey?


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