Monday, January 11, 2010

A Miscellaneous Monday

Today was about chores and errands. After dentistry and grocery shopping, we stopped into one of those "junk stores" that buy and sell estates. I should NEVER set foot in these places as weak as I am about gathering supplies for crafting, but we were asked by a family member to stop, so of course, had to oblige. For $2.00, here are my finds:It is not "Socks from the Toe Up" but it will get me on the road to socks nonetheless. The accessories booklet has some interesting hat patterns, as well as one Fair Isle pattern. I will share the letter and other patterns soon.

I have been thinking about the adage "You learn something new every day" and have decided to keep track this year to see if it is true. What did I learn today? Today I learned that eating soup or something warm after dental work (as long as it is not too soon after...say 30 minutes or more after) will help the Novocaine wear off faster. Straight from the dentist's mouth, so I didn't just pick up this info on the streets.

Planting season will soon begin...



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