Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quilted Bed for the [stuffed] Puppies

I have never made a quilt. I was determined to give it a try. In November, I made a top, cut a bottom, and cut borders for the Craft Hope quilt project. Then I sent it unsewn because I didn't want to mess it up, and there was an option to have it finished by the donee, Margaret's Hope Chest.
So, quilting was still on my list, and still mocking me.

I have since stared it down.
I. have. quilted.

I just did what I do most times I am trying something new. I chose something small so it would be quick, and mistakes would be inconsequential. Amilia is happy, and the [stuffed] puppies are warm in their box. I still don't quite get the proper way to bind the corners, but I am now less intimidated by them. I will do even better next time.

Everybody is happy.




Deb G said...

Fun! A great place to start.

SLColman said...

It turned out cute!