Monday, January 25, 2010

Reducing in the New Year

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Do you get a lot of catalogues? I seem to get every catalogue known to man, as I made the mistake of ordering from one company one time, and they apparently gave my name and number to the media wire for dispersal to every other company hawking wares.

So, what to do? Make a bonfire? (bad for the environment) Line the birdcage? (I don't have a bird) Call every company that puts out a catalog? (too time consuming) Though, I admit, I have gone to websites individually and tried to locate "unsubscribe" pages. Since I am streamlining this year, it is time to go even further.

If you are very, very good, perhaps you could make junk mail art. Failing this, maybe Sandhi Schimmel would be happy to receive your cast-off catalogues. Her work is absolutely AMAZING!

Maybe I am the last one to know this, but in case you are the last one, I wanted to share with you the possibility of I haven't tried them yet, but plan to do so to reduce my junk mail. They say they have a privacy policy that protects your information, and that they only use your info to honor your preferences.

Why might they not help? It can take up to twelve weeks to process your preferences, and they don't contract with every catalog company. However, they say they do have a large number of contracted companies and that those companies pledge to honor the request.

Another site I found is I believe this service carries a $1.00 fee, but that would be nominal. DMA is for Direct Marketing Association, and they say they contract with 3,600 companies.

Also, if you want to sign a petition to stop junkmail, you can go to Of course, if successful, this option might bankrupt the US Postal Service, but it might save trees, space, and the blades on your home document shredder.

How have you reduced your junk mail?




Deb G said...

I called and got my name taken off the ones that sent the most catalogs and stopped ordering things (part of my pledge to buy local). It's worked pretty well, just get the seed catalogs that I want now.

Lesley said...

The only catalogs I get are from JC Penney. I recycle them but I like your idea of doing something a little more creative. I'll have to give that some thought!

Thanks for stopping by My Turn To Talk. I've signed up to follow you as well. Look forward to getting to know you!