Thursday, February 11, 2010

CSN Stores Product Review: The Surprise Revealed

Do you remember last month when I said I had a secret? I gave you a hint about looking at house numbers on and invited you to look around and guess what product I might be trying on for size? Well, I will now relieve you of your suspense. Deer Palace is the proud recipient of a new Flambeau Barn Style Mailbox!
Now that we have tried it out for a couple of weeks, I am ready to tell you what I think of this new fixture. Do you see that sad, motley line of battered and tired mailboxes? And do you see that beauty of a red one that has spruced up the line and set a new standard for the neighborhood?That new box is struttin' its stuff like a peacock on parade here at the Palace. See how it preens and flexes its bright plumage?Here is what I love about this mailbox:
It is sturdy, roomy, bright, cheerful, and fits us here at Deer Palace perfectly. It goes right along with our homesteading, chicken rearing, nature-loving lifestyle. It is offered at an affordable price; $28.50. It is weatherproof, rust-proof, and (I think) batter-proof. All the other mailboxes have dents and dings from being knocked off the perch by neighborhood kids or other mailbox vandals. This box can be very securely affixed to its perch via holes in the inside bottom, and it is constructed of heavy duty plastic, so it can't dent. Now we are safe from the mailbox vandals.
Here is what I am on the fence about:
I am on a quest to cut down on plastic, so I am torn about whether its plastic construction is a pro or a con. It is not a food item, and it is not an indoor item, so I am not worried about the chemical component of the plastic. Hopefully, it will last many years, but at some point, it may need replacing. If that day comes, I hope it will be recyclable at that time.

Here is what I did not love about this mailbox:
The catch that holds the door closed is very hard to latch and unlatch. It is just a plastic nib at the top of the door that clicks into a groove at the top of the box under the roof. Once clicked in, it takes two hands and a lot of force to open. If you don't click it all the way closed, the door falls open on its own and stays open. I fixed the problem, however, by using my pocket knife and shaving a TEENY TINY hair of a sliver of plastic off the sides of the nib. Now, it slides in and out of the groove much more easily, and we are very happy with its use. I can now open and close the box with one hand, as can the mail carrier. I suppose the latch might have worn down on its own over time, but I wasn't willing to wait that long to find out.

Overall, I am very happy with this box. It is larger than our former metal rural box, and it really brightens up the line of boxes. If you like barn-style, I can highly recommend this box. Now, I just need to get all my neighbors to visit CSN stores and so their boxes will fit the new aesthetic.


I received one mailbox from
CSNstores for purposes of review.
All views and opinions expressed
about this item are my own and
were not influenced by receipt of
the sample mailbox.


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