Monday, February 22, 2010

Gardening tasks in winter

There are many tasks I should be completing in the garden right now as winter winds down and spring sprouts it sunbeams. I am behind, and may not get to the pruning that should have already been done. I am more interested in my knitting, sewing, and charity work right now. It keeps the funk of a dragging economy and lingering personal unemployment at bay most days.

However, I have planted my seeds, and some are already sprouting.

The mustard, arugula, barcarole lettuce, and coriander I mentioned in my Signs of spring post on Feb. 9 have sprouted in their outdoor containers.

Indoor seeds started on 2/17:
12 starts: Mammoth Spineless Okra - non-hybrid, organic from Seeds of Change (seeds must be soaked overnight to allow quick and easy germination)
12 starts: Moon & Stars watermelon - from seeds saved from my own plants last year. The original seeds were heirloom & organic.

The okra have all sprouted!

Started on 2/20 in an outdoor pot: Genovese Basil - non-hybrid, organic from Seeds of Change

Seeds started on 2/21: (the following are all from Botanical Interests seeds.)
Baby Round Zucchini -heirloom
Black Beauty Zucchini - heirloom & organic
California Wonder Orange sweet pepper - heirloom & organic
Early Prolific Straightneck [yellow] squash - heirloom & organic
Sugar Pie pumpkin - heirloom
Speckled Roman tomato - heirloom & organic
Beefsteak tomato - heirloom & organic
Dill - heirloom & organic
Echinacea, purple coneflower - heirloom & organic
Spearmint- heirloom
Chamomile - heirloom
Muskmelon cantaloupe - from seeds saved from my own plants last year. The original seeds were heirloom & organic from Botanical Interests.

The following from Seeds of Change seeds:
Chadwick Cherry tomato - non-hybrid, organic
Brandywine tomato - heirloom & organic

Visit's Gardening Question of the Week from Jan. 12 to read about which heirloom vegetable varieties you might want to grow.

What will you plant?
Have you already started your seedlings?



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