Thursday, February 4, 2010

Internet Nominated for Peace Prize?

First, Obama gets the prize for wishing for world peace. He had so many positive thoughts and hopes. He didn't actually have to DO anything. Just to want world peace very badly. At that rate, Bono should have taken it last year. He's actually done some stuff.

But, now! They have obliterated any meaning this prize might have had and have flattened it into meaningless dust. NOW the committee is not even nominating PEOPLE. They have nominated the Internet. It isn't even a real place. It isn't even an intangible object. The Internet has done NOTHING to create or further world peace.

Now don't get me wrong. I do very much enjoy the internet and all it has to offer. I can shop, meet people, share my thoughts, find information, share photos, video-conference, and a whole host of other marvelous things. But I can only do those things because PEOPLE have put all kinds of content ON THE INTERNET.

It is just a conduit. The PEOPLE add the goodies. The PEOPLE write the blogs, share the information, and reach out to others to help in crises like that in Haiti right now. The Internet did provide the avenue, certainly. But giving the Internet a prize for that is like giving Route 66 the Nobel Peace Prize because it aided so many in their search for peace in the summer of love. That was a contribution to peace, right? It would be like awarding the prize to the newsprint PAPER that the news is printed on...because it carries messages of peace, right?

Look. The Internet is a wonderful virtual highway that helps PEOPLE do things they couldn't do before. But it isn't all peaceful. Hackers launch viruses, Phishers steal identities, Spammers carry out elaborate scams. So let's all send the message to the mad men who are thinking up these nominations. It is asinine to put up the Internet for this prize. Have you actually run out of individuals actively doing good in the world? Maybe, the nomination should be to all creators of Internet content. We could all display the virtual medal and share the virtual prize money.

Because, if you actually nominate the Internet and it wins, who would collect the prize money? Perhaps Al Gore, since he invented the Internet?

Are your sensibilities as insulted as mine?



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Green Gal said...

I hadn't heard about this until reading this. What an odd nomination. I totally agree with you. Nominate the people who have posted the peaceful content, not the Internet itself.