Thursday, February 25, 2010

Music for the Soul

One of my favorite pastimes is listening to Mr. Nature play his guitar and sing. He has a wonderful voice, and the ability to transport me out of the cares of everyday and into the castle of Carefree Bliss. Now that the weather has been somewhat warmer and the daylight hours longer, we can sit on the deck with knitting and guitar and soak up some much needed vitamin D.The peach tree is equally excited about the sun and sounds.And, I think the music has even coaxed the early tulips out of the earth.

In these difficult and uncertain times, it is
helpful to me to remember my blessings.



kate said...

I love that last picture!!
I've given you a bloggy award...swing by my blog to check it out : )

Green Gal said...

How delightful!

Deb G said...

For some strange reason I have neighbors that are musicians to all sides. Completely a coincidence. Some are very good, some not to my taste. When the "very good" play I make sure to sit outside. :)