Friday, February 19, 2010

Raw Chef Dan: Flax Cracker Basics

It is time to take another step in the food for health lifestyle path we have been following. One of the things I have on my To-Do list this year is to give up processed crackers and chips. We still sometimes eat Late July organic saltines or Annie's organic saltines, but it would be even better if we made our own crackers. We have also still been eating occasional organic corn chips or potato chips, and will be searching for homemade alternatives for those as well.

I hate that I have so much packaging waste after buying processed foods. Though we keep processed foods to a minimum and we do keep and use the cardboard from the boxes, it creates clutter in the home, and the plastic bag the crackers came in always ends up in a landfill. Chip bags can be sent to (Chip Bag Brigade) and they will use them to upcycle into useful things like tote bags. Terra Cycle will cover the postage and will even pay $ 0.02 per bag..but that is for another post!

So, I found Raw Chef Dan on YouTube. I am loving this cracker tutorial, and thought I would share. I believe that raw foods are much healthier in most instances than cooked foods, and these have the added benefit of being raw. Wonderful! Enjoy...




ChickiePea said...

Wow that looks really easy. I am so with you on cutting down on the purchased snacks and making our own. That really will be when I feel successful!!

I wonder about the rancidity of flax. Maybe since he is dehydrating that stops them from going rancid? I know whole seeds aren't as quick to go bad as ground ones... will definitely have to do some research on that!

Thanks! :)

Deb G said...

I've tried a few cracker recipes and haven't found one I really like yet. Off to check this one out!