Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Rural Nod and Handwave

There is an unspoken rule when you live in a rural area. If you are in your car and you pass a pedestrian or sometimes even another car on a back road, you give a little wave and a dip of the head in recognition. It is a gesture that says, "Hi, I belong here and recognize that you belong here as well. I see that you are part of the local landscape and are peaceably passing through." A quick nod and wave, and on we go.

Is that really what it says? Is there some other deeper meaning that other rural dwellers might pass on to me? Or is there opinion out there that it has even lesser meaning than I have stated? Where did it originate? Why does it not exist in most metropolitan areas?

I love the nod and wave. It connects us and knits together our little local community. It bonds neighbors and speaks the unspoken. The photo above was found using the search word "rural" on Etsy. You might want to follow the link and see the other beautiful scenes in that little country shop.
You might wave to this little house on the Peaceful Plains at
Or nod to this fine creature grazing at

Do you nod and wave?



CountryDreaming said...

As someone who loves visiting areas so rural you can't get a cell phone signal, I really appreciate the friendliness of pedestrians and drivers who give a friendly wave to acknowledge and welcome me, even though I'm an outsider exploring their backroads in search of beauty. Makes me dream of moving to the country even more. The concept of being neighborly just seems to come way more naturally there. Many thanks for featuring my photo! * nods and waves *

KayzKreationz said...

I live in the country and love to nod and wave to the passersby. Quite a few I recognize as my neighbors. So many others I don't but feel it is just the "neighborly" thing to do. I have had to learn though, that I shouldn't do it when I go back into a bigger city, because they just don't "get it" and may think it has other meanings (although I don't know what) But if you see someone driving by in a Black Ford F150 and waving and nodding to you, it's me. :)