Monday, February 8, 2010


I have been doing many chores that have taken me away from the computer these last few days, so posts have been short. I'm sure it is nice to get a break from some of my more long-winded ramblings...

Here is what I did over the weekend:This was a shirt-dress that got too small for Amilia. The bottom was still usable, and not too tight, so I cut away the tank part of the top and hemmed a waistline. I could have ironed it before photographing, but hey, what fun would that have been?I have been playing with "drawing with thread" on my sewing machine, and perfecting some applique techniques. So, I made this little owl patch and affixed to the bottom of the skirt.I am so happy with the result! Amilia never liked the fit of the tank dress before because it was always a little tight in the middle. Now it is the most super cute play skirt ever! She even went to bed with it on the other night. For a few minutes, until she decided it was not comfortable sleeping attire.

Off to do some more sewing play...



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Rosina said...

Hi :) That is such a fabulous idea to!! I love it when I can reuse some of their old clothing and recreate a new outfit. Saves so much money to :) Have fun making some napkins and thanks for stopping by my blog!