Monday, March 29, 2010

Get Well Soon!

We have a family member in the hospital, so Amilia and I have been on a card making mission. This is the card I made yesterday to send off in the mail. It is made from handmade paper card stock with cotton fabric scraps sewn onto the front. Since Easter is coming, I am glad that the egg fabric is finally getting some use!

I cut out all the shapes and laid them in my chosen position. Then, I cut tiny bits of fusible webbing and basted the bits roughly together - just enough that they would not slide under the sewing needle. I used the sewing machine to stitch an outline border around the entire house. Next, I stitched the top of the curtains and the side of the door for stability and visual effect. I hand-stitched the chimney.

Originally, there were to be smoke plumes coming out of the chimney in bits of wool felt, but the bits crumbled as I was sewing. I could have embroidered smoke, but I like it just the way it is now. We like it so much, we hate to see it go. We will have to make more!

I will be making some more cards of various types this evening because the deadline has arrived to mail to Spirit Jump Cards For Cancer Day.

Be well.

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SLColman said...

Super cute card!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

What a cool card!

Sinclair said...

Thanks! I had a great time making it, and will definitely do more.