Saturday, March 13, 2010

More fun at the needle...

I have been upcycling and having a grand ol' time! First, I have been making something as a gift for several weeks, and I finally got around to finishing it last night. The red of this heart is cashmere, from a sweater given to me by a dear friend of the family a few years ago. The sweater had some moth holes when she gave it to me, but she said she knew I could use it or fix it. I could not fix the holes, but I certainly can put the fabric to good use! I free-hand embroidered the design. I was just playing around with different stitches, and practicing flowers. I can use some more practice, I think, but I find the end result charming nonetheless. The back is cut from a black felted wool sweater. I added a magnet, and now it can sit in a sunny kitchen and bring joy.Next, I have a felted piece of another wool sweater (gray) cut in a rough circle. Long story short, it was to be the back of the heart above, but it just didn't work. So, it ended up with a red ring of cashmere sewn onto it, and I went from there. I felted some flowers on with some green and red roving. Now, I am working on what this will finally become, but I will save that for another day. What would you do without a little suspense?And, my last project finished this weekend was a pillow I began weeks ago. It started out as a scrap piece of cotton weave that I used as a stitch settings map for my sewing machine. I want it to be out and easily accessible, and I thought it was interesting enough to be used in the house. So, pillow it became. I had some room on the end and wanted to add some whimsy, so I took the boy embroidery pattern from Mr. Nature's Etsy shop and embroidered him on the side. Then, I cut him some sailor pants from some scrap we had lying around and appliqued those onto the boy. Added a zipper and a flowered backing, and now it is a fun pillow on our couch. Our 100 year old Santa Fe colored couch. It's a hide-a-bed. Who could let go of a useful item such as this just because its time has come and gone? Not I, say I.

The pillow is a little unconventional, and certainly not for everyone,
but I have never been accused of following convention. And, I find
I am still a child at heart. And the child in me loves this pillow.



Deb G said...

Some very fun projects! I really like the pillow.

The Redhead Riter said...

Love the little heart