Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A snowy spring day...

Here is what it is doing at Deer Palace today:Here is who came to visit as I photographed the snowman:He didn't see me out there on the deck with my camera. He came out of a tree near the back fence, down the terraced garden, under the deck, and was about to venture out onto the snow there when he looked up and saw me snapping a photo of him. He paused to think for a few seconds before he darted back across the deck and out of sight. He is cute from the front (as cute as a rodent could be), but he had a bald patch on his back, and he was looking pretty mangy in the tail section. We had 1.75 inches of accumulated snow.

Happy spring!
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Deb G said...

So crazy! We had snow at the beginning of April last year. Not going to happen this year I think.

liz said...

Poor little guy probably wants spring as bad as you. :)