Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Word Wednesday: Lackluster

I know, spring is on the horizon. The daffodils at my house have opened into bright yellow brilliance. The forsythias echo the yellow color from across the yard.

But, I am sharing with you the word this week that describes where I have been stuck.
In Lackluster Land. That is, lacking the enthusiasm to transform the blog posts from ideas in my mind to concrete published items that you can read, daily. Or to clean up my sewing and knitting areas and make my bed. I shall, however, pull myself out of the funk and cure my lackluster performance. Economy schmonomy! I have two reviews on the burner, and sprouted plants under the heat lamp to share with you.

First, I will share this word:
   /ˈlækˌlʌstər/ Show Spelled[lak-luhs-ter] Show IPA
lacking brilliance or radiance; dull: lackluster eyes.
lacking liveliness, vitality, spirit, or enthusiasm: a lackluster performance.
a lack of brilliance or vitality.

Wishing you all the radiance and brilliance of spring!


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Lenox Knits said...

We have no daffodils yet. I can't wait until they show their face soon. It's actually starting to feel like Spring around here finally. I do understand your word of the day. I've felt my share of lackluster lately but I'm trying to stay positive through it all. I hope things pick up for you soon!