Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Showers and Patio Displays

Monday and Tuesday were cold and rainy. Today was just plain cold. I have been shivering every time I go outside. But I cannot complain, because rain is good and necessary. On Sunday, I bravely got out my new patio set and began to put it all together. Because it was sunny bordering on hot, and I had not received the weather man's memo about any more cold and rain.

We got the patio set last year at super clearance closeout time after the end of summer. It has been patiently waiting in a box all winter, and it beckoned me over the weekend. The chairs are now patiently stacked and waiting under the parking awning. Waiting for more sun when the table will also be able to emerge from its winter box.

The photo above was from last April when we had the garden much further along than we do this year at the same time. This year, April has been colder and wetter than last April.

I am ready for spring weather and patio furniture days!

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