Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paleo Word Wednesday

Have you gone Paleo? That word is flung about with much fervor lately. According to the Free Dictionary, here is what the word means:

paleo- or pale- or palaeo- or palae-
1. Ancient; prehistoric; old: paleobotany.
2. Early; primitive: Paleozoic.

There is The Paleo Diet (aka, the Caveman Diet). As I understand it, that means you should eat what you can kill or forage. Okay, it is not as simple as that in this modern world of supermarkets and cell phones, but it is a movement away from heavily processed foods and starches and grains. Also Paleo

There is music Paleo. There is a Paleo festival. There is The Paleo Garden where all things Paleo are discussed and considered.

And there is Paleo Future. A look into the future that never was.

Are you in touch with your Paleo self?
Isn't it interesting that we think ourselves so
that we are collectively taking a step
backward and embracing the
all over again?

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