Monday, April 5, 2010

Snow for Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Easter. We had a good time dyeing eggs with our own natural dyes. We used blackberries for a purplish color, dandelion/calendula flower/curry for yellow, and paprika for orange/red. Only the blackberry color was really effective, but we had a great time anyway.As for the day itself, we had about two hours of snow gently floating down as we watched from our cozy indoor perch. There was food and the obligatory egg hunt. In a nod to eco-friendly egg hunting, we reused the plastic eggs and bucket we were given last year. I will not buy any, but since we had about 40 plastic eggs gifted to us last year, I had saved them to do their duty again this year. Since we do not eat candy, our eggs contained stickers. Instead of Easter grass, we used scraps of fabric to line the baskets.

How did you spend the day?

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