Tuesday, April 6, 2010


That is what I am. Thankful. For the blessings bestowed upon me, even in times of hardship and strife. The blessing of a beautiful snowfall on Easter (even if we would have enjoyed an outdoor Easter). The blessing of watching my beautiful children sleep in complete youthful abandon. Blossoms on my peach tree that have made it through the snow and sleet and wind. The blessing of fingers that move to type these words.

I have food to eat, family to love, and gorgeous scenery to greet me in the morning. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself for the things I don't have or can't do or won't achieve. But when I really strip it down to what matters, I have the necessities covered. Home, health, nourishment, family, love. In many ways am I blessed. Even the dentist was moved to give me a blessing last week in the form of a severely reduced-fee root canal.

Life is often hard, unpredictable, and so very trying.
But the blessings are all the more appreciated and rewarding.
I have to remember to stop and listen more often, and recognize
all the reasons I am thankful.

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